Corpus Christi, Texas


The BYC Racing Season features a series of Pursuit Races throughout most of the year, the Commodore's Cup, and the Turkey Day Regatta. We also support races put on by other yacht clubs.

Most Pursuit races start and finish at the Lawrence Street T-head, inside the marina breakwater. In a pursuit race, each boat starts at a different time with the highest handicap starting first followed by the boat with the next highest handicap, and so on. Cruising boat's handicap's are adjusted similar to a golf handicap, after every race.  Racer/cruisers and all sails use their Corpus Christi Bay PHRF Handicap for these races.

Bay Yacht Club supports the Navy Regatta and Military Challenge Cup by hosting the Friday welcome and registration party for Navy and Corpus Christi Yacht Club guests. This is a wonderful opportunity for our members, racers and cruisers, to meet and share their enjoyment of sailing with members of our local military community.

To assist beginning racers, the Bay Yacht Club offers an annual Racing 101 Educational Seminar.  In addition, a review of the Basic Racing Rules is a must as it simplifies what is expected from sailors in racing and will do wonders for the anxiety we have when we are trying to remember who has the right of way.  If something on your boat has change your PHRF rating, or you don't have a rating, please fill out and submit a revised Corpus Christi Bay PHRF Rating Application.

If you are interested in racing or crewing please contact the BYC race chairperson(s) via e-mail at r[email protected].

Race Results