Corpus Christi, Texas

Bay Yacht Club Membership

The Bay Yacht Club is a nonprofit 501(c) (7) corporation with its purpose being to promote recreational boating, both motor and sail, water sports, water safety education and boating instruction for adults and young people interested in marine activities. To this end, the Club is authorized to own, control, operate or lease real or personal property to accomplish this purpose.  The Club does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, color, creed, sex and/or sexual orientation. 

The cost of a family membership is a $250 initiation fee (plus tax) and $62 (plus tax) monthly dues.  The cost of a student membership is $35 per year.  In addition, the Bay Yacht Club offers an out-of-state membership designed for those people enjoying the Corpus Christi area during an extended stay.  

If you are interested in joining the Bay Yacht Club, a membership application form is available at the following link: Membership Application Form / House Rules / Bylaws.  Please complete the form and send it to our Rear Commodore at  You may also contact the Rear Commodore for general information relating to a club membership.

Membership Benefits

The Bay Yacht Club offers its members opportunities to participate in organized group cruises to local destinations around and/or near Corpus Christi Bay. After reaching a destination, cruisers will often raft up and have a party on a host boat if at an anchorage, or if in a marina, head for a local restaurant for a meal together.

Since the beginning of the The Bay Yacht Club, members have volunteered to cook meals on weekends, designated holidays, and special events throughout the year to facilitate Club camaraderie and to raise funds for the club.   The social program also includes opportunities to attend the yearly rodeo, local Hook's baseball games, programs at the Lexington, local plays and other city functions throughout the year as a group. 

The BYC Racing Season features a series of Pursuit Races throughout most of the year, the Commodore's Cup, and the Turkey Day Regatta. We also support the Navy Regatta, the Military Challenge Cup and races put on by other yacht clubs.


Members are welcome to use the club's Sunfish located at the club after being certified by the Sunfish Committee Chairperson.

Club Benefit Auction

Once a year, club members donate beloved keepsakes, either nautical or not, to an auction for the purpose of raising funds for club functions.

Membership Discounts

With a membership in The Bay Yacht Club members receive a 50% discount on their membership in Boat US, a national boating foundation offering towing services, boating lobby efforts, merchandise, insurance and many other benefits.  In addition, a Bay Yacht Club membership entitles its members to the reciprocal agreement with Yachting Club of America. This entitles its members to the use and privileges of Yacht Clubs throughout the United States.